Mohanlal is a Malayalam Movie Actor and one among the most popular names in the Indian film industry. He had immense respect for Indian Army and he always wanted to become part of Indian Army, but life took a different turn and he eventually became an actor. His respect and regards for the men in uniform continued even after becoming an actor, and he kept expressing his immense gratitude for the brave soldiers who safeguard our boundary through his Television Interviews and Write ups. This Zeal made him to use his celebrity status to promote youngsters joining in Indian Army and he himself applied to join Indian Territorial Army In 2009. His application was wholeheartedly approved by Indian Army and he was bestowed with Honorary Military Rank Of Lieutenant Colonel , which happened to be the first time in the History Of The Indian Army That A Movie Actor Was Given This Honour. Indian Army was convinced by the impact his On screen portrayal of Army Characters especially in ‘ Keerthichakra’, ‘Kurukshetra’’ “ Kandahar’ had on youngsters. These movies were shot in the most hostile and danger prone areas. These movies dealt with the life and situation of soldiers and people in the Valley. The actor lived his character to the full , by surviving the harsh weather and terrain along with the crew.

The main objective behind this page is to enlighten the people about the Indian Army and to make this page as a platform to the citizens for knowing the opportunities available to become part of The Indian Army.

Mohanlal’s Message To The Youngsters Is “The Platform Is Free For You... All You Require Is Willpower... And Rest Will Be Provided By The Army“.